Monday, November 08, 2010

Richie's Fantasy Band

From The Independent:

Guitar - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi was such an innovator. I think that even when the greats, the Jimmy Pages and Eric Claptons of this world, saw Jimi for the first time they would have thought "Oh my god!" He influenced all of us: his style, his free spirit, the way he experimented with sonic stuff, and he also happened to be a great songwriter.

Guitar - Jimmy Page
The other guitar player would have to be Jimmy Page, who is a big hero of mine not only as a guitar player but also as a songwriter, record producer and a genius bandleader. I'm lucky enough to be friends with him. To see those two guys play together would be pretty monstrous; that would be cool.

Bass - Paul McCartney
You gotta stick a Beatle in there, for sure. Paul is not only a great bass player, but a great songwriter and a great singer. His legacy is deep and, again, he's another huge hero of mine.

Drums - John Bonham
Let's put Bonzo up there; he's such an original. There's a bunch of great drummers out there, but he would be pretty cool. As a drummer he almost played melodies – the way he tuned his drums and the way he made the fills, you can sing them. The fills themselves were very memorable, much like Ringo. The fills that Ringo did on those Beatles records were part of the music.

Keys - Elton John
Let's put Elton up there on keyboards because he's just an amazing singer, an amazing songwriter and an amazing keyboard player.

Vocals - Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra
Who would be the greatest lead singer of all time? We already have all those great singers in the band who can sing any rock'n'roll song. So we need somebody a bit different upfront. Elvis could probably do a good job as a lead singer; when he was in his prime he was probably the most dynamic rock'n'roll star of his time. I'd also like Frank Sinatra because of the way he interpreted a song. That would be an interesting combo.
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