Friday, October 26, 2012

Soraia Live on Toil Rock Radio

Thanks to CatteSambora for the information below, and the stream of this Soraia event.

Soraia was live on a 3-hour radio show last night. They talked, played, and previewed songs from the new record for two hours (there were station breaks/music in between).

Some really fun banter and good interviews, including quite a bit with Obie. He talked about how he came to work with Soraia, how Jon got involved, the record business, recording, touring, etc...

He also talked quite a bit about Jon and Hugh (he and Hugh played in bands together back in the early 60s and are neighbors). And about wormholes and "pornographic food."

Most of the night was focused on songwriting, her musical history, and plans for the future. She took a few calls and web chat questions as well.

Sue was asked, but noncommittal about touring with Bon Jovi in 2013... but didn't rule it out. Toward the end of the interview it gets pretty hard-R-rated (mostly DJ/host comments), so be warned.

The stream of the whole event (less the non-Soraia stuff) is up on my Mediafire, for those of you who are interested.

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