Thursday, June 07, 2012

Soraia at Dobb's

This is a guest post from CatteSambora, who had the opportunity to be at The Legendary Dobb's last night for Soraia's Industry Showcase.

SORAIA Special Industry Showcase
The Legendary Dobbs
Philadelphia PA
June 6, 2012

It was a BIG night.  

How big, you ask?


Industry Big-Wigs and Special Guests a-plenty.

And yes, HE was there.

Soraia collaborator and backer Jon Bon Jovi slipped quietly into the rear of the crowd at the beginning of the hard-rockin' set, to the surprise and delight of the couple hundred fans packing the house.  Twitter was a-Twitter within minutes...

Soraia showcase tonight at Dobbs has the one & only Jon Bon Jovi in attendance along with top records execs & producers! The Legendary Dobbs
Wowwww. Jon Bon Jovi in the building to see @Soraia. Only the best and brightest to see a great band

Ummmm Jon Bon Jovi is here wtf. Right in front of me.

Midway through the show Zou Mansour gave a little shout-out to JBJ, causing heads to whip around gawk at the familiar-looking guy standing in the crowd.  And as soon as the show was over, he was gone.

But the real Rock Stars were on the stage.  Soraia blasted through a tight, energetic 45-minute set that highlighted their recent songwriting endeavors. The crowd loved it, feeding off Zou Mansour's electric performance and energizing the band.  Though there was hardly room to move in the crowded bar, nobody could stand still. 
It was over too soon.  Half the crowd poured out onto South Street to breathe and smoke and comment on what they had witnessed.  Overheard on the sidewalk in front of Dobbs:

"Damn, they kicked ASS!"
"I've never SEEN this place so packed!"
"They're Big Time, Baby."

When Zou emerged from the bar she was inundated with congratulations and hugs from dozens of people who had witnessed the spectacle -- some who had wandered in for a free show and had left new Soraia fans.  She offered gracious thanks and posed for photos, grinning with hard-earned satisfaction.

As for the Industry VIPs... if they were paying any attention, they had to see the connection between the band and the crowd, to feel the synergy of the music and the electric spirit of that crowded music hall.  

Soraia ROCKED.


  1. Have Love, Will Travel (Sonics cover)
  2. Like a Woman Would
  3. Love Like VooDoo
  4. Walk in the Room (Jackie DeShannon/The Searchers cover)
  5. Runaround
  6. Never Again
  7. Good Ain't Good Enough
  8. Want What I Want

Thanks Catte!!

These photos are from her as well, and the YouTube videos linked above are from her, too.


 has a nice article on the performance.

Soraia posted this on Facebook earlier today:

Soraia18 minutes ago via mobileOur heartfelt thanks to Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Guido, Phil Nicolo, Obie O'Brien, Pierre Robert, Jaxon, and Markus of 93.3 WMMR FM Philadelphia for coming to our show last night. It was a magical evening for us, and our love and enduring appreciation to our family, friends, and fans who made it so easy to rock n roll last night. We love you, we're happy, it was a huge success, and more to come...stay tuned!

Congrats to Zou and the gang for a successful evening!!

~ Hath


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