Friday, December 10, 2010

Sing Along

What caught my attention first was the "sing along with Jon Bon Jovi" article title. For a moment, I had a vision of an intimate beach/campfire setting; Jon and his guitar, strumming out Michael Row Your Boat Ashore (no Kumbaya though). Then I gave myself a reality check. Yeah, sure. Like THAT would happen lol.

Then the photo grabbed my attention. Just LOOK at the arrogant tilt of Richie's chin. It took me a full minute to realize there was an airplane in the photo.

Jon Bon Jovi himself is a rock music conductor as much as he is a singer, songwriter and musician. Armed with a megawatt smile, he plays the audience as much as the songs, urging them on with "Are you still with me?" and constructing all the right moments for them to raise their voices.

It's part medicine show, part revivalist church with the latest concert video technology to help even those in the nosebleed seats to get a front seat view.

Before the show, Bon Jovi said he can't see himself trying to raise the Rolling Stones' bar and continue touring for the next two decades.

"I can't see me being 68 and running around that stadium stage. I have to get a hobby," he said.

Click here to read the rest of the Herald Sun article.

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