Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jon Bon Interview

There is a video that accompanies this article, which can be found here.

By the looks of this show Bon Jovi's Circle Tour is going to be big.

Triple M's Byron Cooke interviewed Jon Bon Jovi backstage before the opening night of the Aussie Circle Tour in Perth and asked him about the enormity of the show and the logistics involved in putting it together.

"The truth is we try to spend money on production, said Jon. "We want people to get something for their money, so we were willing to fly the US stadium tour down here because we're asking people to come and see it."

Jon assured fans that the massive stage show wouldn't take anything away from the music.

"I think it enhances the show. Because some of these folks are a hundred yards away and two stories up and they want to see the bands, [we're using] a lot of video.

"There's no pyrotechnics or any dancers or tape machines or anything like that, it's just guys beating on instruments. But a lot of the money is spent on video so the people at the back can see it."

This tour is Bon Jovi's longest tour since the Jersey Syndicate tour in the late 80s. When it ends they would have played over 130 concerts across 30 countries.
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