Monday, April 18, 2011

The Last Word: Richie Sambora

Even though the Canadiens are whooping my Bruins' butts, I went onto their website to read this interview :)

What is it about Montreal and the fans that make you guys enjoy playing here so much?RS: I don’t know what it is about Canada, but we’ve definitely had an affinity for the country since we made Slippery When Wet when we were living in Vancouver. We actually lived in Vancouver while we were recording three albums: Slippery, New Jersey and Keep the Faith.

By now you can pick a preferred Montreal delicacy: smoked meat or poutine?RS: I’ve had both and I’d say it’s definitely smoked meat. I’m more of a meat guy.

Do you remember your first show here? Was it at the Forum? Was there an instant connection?
RS: It would’ve been in the early ‘80s so it was probably a small club nearby, actually.

Did you play any sports growing up in New Jersey? How about hockey?
RS: I played a little bit of hockey at home, but I was more of a football guy as a kid.

Growing up in New Jersey, were you one of those sports fans that jumped ship and became a fan of the New York teams or did you stay loyal to your roots?
RS: I was a Yankee fan, a Met fan, a Rangers fan, a Jets and Giants fan – you have to root for the home team. But oddly enough, I was actually a Green Bay Packers fan growing up. I loved Bart Starr – it was hard not to like the Packers.

You may be a Packers fan, but your recent hit "This Is Our House" debuted originally as an anthem played exclusively at New England Patriots games. How did that come about?
RS: [Patriots head coach] Bill Belichick is a good friend of ours. It was written as that kind of song where it’s almost like an anthem – when we come out on the stage, or a team comes out of the tunnel – and it could’ve been an anthem for any sport. We wrote it with that big concert feeling and it applies to the band, too. You walk out and it’s just blazing “This is our house!” and for that night, it is our house.

There are a bunch more questions and answers on the Canadiens' site.

~ Hath


Jordana April 18, 2011 at 2:56 PM  

"Obviously Wanted Dead or Alive and Living on a Prayer have to be right up there. It’s My Life and Have a Nice Day are up there too. The songs that get to the people are my favorites."

As we've always known, they are an adventurous lot. I suppose if I were trying hard to find some originality in this, I could say that at least they praise their hits unlike other bands, but even that is getting annoying. And writing to 'get to people' is starting to be writing for the wrong reasons.

- - - - - - -
"first two albums I could do without playing, and we don’t really play much from those two records [...] I didn’t think the songs were ready or the alchemy of our writing was there yet."

I've always thought their self titled album was an underrated gem, with all songs more consistent that SWW's WDOA heights and Social Disease lows... If he wants to trash them, then at least have the balls to mention Desmond Child, and not only "chemistry".
Sorry but this interview bugs.

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