Saturday, June 09, 2012

DiPietro Interview

Thanks, Catte, for dropping this in my inbox.

Joe talks about Memphis and David's involvement / learning curve / innate talent, a little about Toxie, and about the new David collab coming up, called Chasing the Song.

Part 1 Memphis

Part 2 Toxie/Chasing the Song

Catte called out this excerpt, which made me laugh, too:
PC: Do you thinkJon Bon Jovicould play Huey someday, especially given the Bon Jovi connection with David? He would be fabulous in it, I think.

JD: [Big Laugh.] Well, I do have to say, I may have strongly hinted at exactly that with David early on and I was told by David in not uncertain terms it was not a very good idea. [Laughs.] I think that Jon does his own thing and he is obviously a great rock star and I’m not sure if he has Broadway ambitions - plus, I think it might be a bit dicey for Jon to work with David in a situation where David is suddenly the boss. You know, Jon and David are like brothers, so I think it would be a weird situation all around for him to step into the show. But, I agree with you - he would be really good as Huey, I think.

PC: He’s a compelling actor in his own right, as well.

JD: Oh, yeah - definitely. I’d never say no, but I think it would be a weird configuration for the Bon Jovi folks to have to deal with.
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