Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tico Interview

From the little style file:

TLSF: When did the concept of Rock Star Baby first develop?
TICO: Rock Star Baby first started in 2000, then later revamped and released in Europe and USA in 2009.

TLSF: How were you able to maintain your rock star style after becoming a parent?
TICO: Being a musician is a life style and labor of love, like any other profession it has it ups and downs, For me it’s being away from my son… I’ve always tried to not let the celeb lifestyle envelope my life.

TLSF: What is your favorite fatherhood moment?
TICO: Everyday I see something in my child that makes me proud!

TLSF: What are your must have baby/kid items?
TICO: A must have, is my first born baby sets… all the clothing should be of best quality and easy to put on and take off.

TLSF: How does your son influence your style?
TICO: In my eyes, Kids are naturally cool, they are pretty perceptive to there surroundings. When a new style comes out i like to ask my son if he likes it or not..

TLSF: What are your fashion tips for dads?
TICO: The reason for starting RSB is so dads can have a place to shop for the kids, ”Its totally a man friendly line.”

TLSF: The Little Style File knows that kids have their own sense of style – how do you influence your child’s style?
TICO: By exposing my son to what I believe is cool. Kids develop there style via there parents manner of dress.

TLSF: What is your favorite thing to do with your son?
TICO: Painting pictures together and fishing.

TLSF: We have to know – what is the bedtime for a rock star’s son?
TICO: 8 PM Sharp!!!
Not sure when this interview was given (although post-2009 is a good bet) but it's cute.

~ Hath


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