Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy and more Updates

Hurricane Sandy visited me in a very minor way -- just disrupted power/internet service for a couple days -- but has now left the vicinity.  Prayers go out to everyone who's been hit hard by the storm -- we got off easy where I live.

One of my favorite cartoonists/bloggers, Hugh MacLeod, had these up on his site yesterday.

If you're somewhere safe with your loved ones, power, water, etc., all as they should be, please take a moment and offer up a prayer of thanks to whatever god(s) you worship for yourself, and one of hope and help for those who have it worse than you.

OK.  Now for the update part -- I have (no surprise) lots of stuff cooking.

I have 92 -- yes ninety-two -- emails in my "deal with it" pile for the blog.  The stuff will start to trickle on as I get some free hours here and there -- probably not tonight as it's "beg for candy" night :)  The skies are looking ominous, in which case it COULD turn into "eat all the candy we bought then throw up" night, but we're hoping for the former.

Also, CatteSambora and I are going to do the crazy thing and spin up a blog to follow the "Because We Can" tour.  We won't be doing the mediafire horror show like last time, but we will document all the shows through YouTube, photos, interviews, etc.   Stay tuned for more on that.

So, there will be lots going on here -- don't write me off as a flake yet!!

~ Hath


Bayaderra October 31, 2012 at 4:14 PM  

Glad To Hear You're Weathering The Storm! :)
We got hit hard in NJ. I spent nearly 36 hrs in the hospital... working, not as a patient!!!
Took me an hour to get home (7 miles/15 mins trip) But I'm blessed! My house is standing and my family is safe and sound. We have power, heat and cable. The only thing that Sandy did to us was take our deck railing and a half of a tree. And oh yeah, the Bitch stole one of my garbage cans!
On a serious note, the shore and south NJ did not get as lucky. So please pray for our great Garden State! And all the souls that are suffering in NY!

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