Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jon on CNBC

(June 14)

Jon was on SquawkBox last month.

He talked about philanthropy in a struggling economy, the state and future of the music business, entrepreneurship, the Soul Kitchen, politics and entertainment (and how he doesn't use "his" stage as a bully pulpit), and (a little bitterly) his previous remarks about iTunes and Apple. He also said the new album has eleven tracks; first single out in January, album in March.

At the end of the interview quipped "Great. I can go back to bed now."

Hmmm, by March, I'll have left my beloved Boston for greener (and warmer) pastures. I'll also be sans-Hathlet-and-the-Mister for a few months, so JON! Announce tour dates in my new home state for May, wouldya? :)

~ Hath


Alice Faye July 28, 2012 at 4:57 PM  

we always get a show or two. Either Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro. They tend to alternate one year Charlotte and Raleigh had back to back shows, now that was Nice.

Let me know when you get settled so the welcome wagon can come by and welcome you to NC. Just remember the sky is CAROLINA Blue the Grass is UNCC Green and the Firetrucks are NCSTATE Red and Storm sky is DUKE Blue.

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