Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wanted Wednesday ~ Tokyo January 14, 2008

Please rise, for the playing of our National Anthem...

In this one, we learn one of the possible reasons that Richie chews gum on stage.

Have you noticed that this tour? He's always got a wad of gum in his maw. I don't think it's nicotine gum, I think it's for something else.

Listen through to the end on this one. Right around the 5 minute mark, you hear a squeak. Like a going-through-puberty voice hitch.  "I still dri-yi-yi-i-ive" sounds like "I still dri-yi-SQUEAK-i-ive"

I suspect the gum keeps our dear Richie's throat moist so he doesn't squeak.

You can download this track here.

And, thanks to "ndt56" on YouTube, you can watch Jon's reaction to Richie's squeaker.

I love at the end, how Richie's laughing like "Man, whaddaya gonna do?" and Jon's just slapping his shoulder like he's saying, "way to f up there, man". Makes me smile.

Anyway, enjoy!

~ Hath


blushnscarlet October 6, 2010 at 8:17 AM  

Love it!!! Obviously I love it when it's perfect, but knowing that these guys aren't machines makes them that much more endearing. These little glitches are more special than the perfect performances in my mind. Thanks so much for finding and sharing these Jovi Jewels :0)

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