Monday, October 04, 2010

Maybe a Hiatus?

In this video interview, Jon talks about being in service to the song -- how their music transcends generations and is greater than the sum of all its parts.

There's an article along with the video as well; here's an excerpt:
In "The Circle" and new issues of the "Greatest Hits" seems to Sambora leaves aside the guitar hero to be in the service of the song. Was it something intentional?

We all serve the song. And I think it's the best compliment you can say to Richie. But none of us are here to do vocal gymnastics and pyrotechnics on the guitar.

They get into "the break" a little bit, and Jon hints that maybe after this tour is done, it may be time for another one.

After this greatest hits -- I don't know the future, but it might be a time again. You know, we worked really hard for a decade. Ten more years. Five studio records. It may be the time to go *whew*. We're wise now. We're wise men.
Some have been saying they're overdue for a break. Let them go away for a year to two, make us miss you, then come back and we'll be all over it again without all the criticism.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

But do we (the fandom) really want that?  On some level, sure.  We all want new music from Richie, another musical from David, more art from Tico, and for Jon to get a chance to maybe (I don't know) try on NFL ownership?  But on another level, no, don't take away our security blanket.  Leave our binkies alone!

Time will tell of course.  Until then, we'll enjoy them as much as we can!

~ Hath


Anonymous,  October 4, 2010 at 12:27 PM  

I've been fearing a hiatus ever since the enormity of the current tour was announced.
Like you say, I want more Richie solo and David musicals, Tico and Jon deserve to follow other interests too, but I've gotten used to them being around.

It sounds silly but the world seems a safer and nicer place when I know the band is doing stuff together.
I like my blankie, don't take it from me!
Only time will tell I guess but they HAVE worked hard the last 10 years and they're not getting any younger.


samboragirl October 4, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

I think they deserve a break, as much as I love having them around...but hopefully it will mean another Richie solo album! Long overdue!

Anonymous,  October 4, 2010 at 9:03 PM  

Sorry, no break for the boys:)
We will go crazy if we don't have news from them. Look at the withdrawal from just the month of August & Sept.

Keep rockin guys !!


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