Monday, October 04, 2010

Buenos Aires Interview

From  Look how thrilled Jon is -- he seems like he'd rather be anywhere else at that particular moment.  He and Richie having their sidebar conversations -- they really love the media posturing, no?  Have they every done the "diva thing" and said "You know what?  We're done.  No more questions.  Thanks; bye."

In the interview, Jon does admit that he's tailored the set list a little more toward Greatest Hits during the Latin America tour.  He talks about how the crowd is young, probably seeing them for the first time and they want to see the hits.  So does this mean we've officially switching to The Greatest Hits tour?

This was the article that accompanied the video (translated by Google):
The group arrived from Chile, where he was hailed by his fans. On this tour, which will continue in Japan and Australia, have their last recorded material: "The Circle".

Bon Jovi said that "it is true, new bands have a hard time making mega tour like this. Are we, the Rolling Stones, U2, AC / DC, but the rest is complicated, how they are armed all. " He added, smiling: "However, Lady Gaga is going well. " considered that "perhaps, social networks help groups to open their pripio new way."

Tools showing the band is excited to be in Buenos Aires. "It is a public, passionate, like all the Latino audience, and that is contagious." Asked what should be the ideal album paar start listening, said, "I do not know there are many, perhaps the last, then go to the first. is that there are many issues and good times nutrso MUCHS jobs. "

Finally, they were honored for their recent nomination for the Hall of Fame. "There are many important people in the history of music there. Being nominated is enough reward."

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