Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Stories in the FF Directory

A few are new...

Just For You Darlin'
by SamboraLady
Jocelynn Reid and how the path she chose for life changed with a phone call and she moves in with the Sambora family.

All That Really Matters
by Pirate
The third installation in the story of Sarah and Richie. Recently married, how does married life treat them?

Beautiful Nightmare
by Jessica Anne
A story about attraction, enticement and infidelity. Could he put everything on the line for just one night of ecstasy?
... some I noticed that were missing from the directory (sorry Liz!).
These are all stores from NorwichLiz, author of CSI:NJ
Taking Care of Business (new!)
Brianna needed a new job. But she was tired of the boring administrative positions she'd held over the last decade or so - and the lechs she'd worked for. She wanted a job she enjoyed, not just one she was good at, with a boss who appreciated her skills, but treated her with respect, and a work environment that was co-operative with a splash of fun thrown in. That wasn't too much to ask, was it?

Jon needed a new personal assistant. One that was competent - unlike the last three he'd hired, capable of looking after the details of his professional life so that he had more free time to spend with his family and developing the charitable organization he'd been dreaming about. At least that's what his wife told him he needed.

The chemistry was there right from the first interview, but knowing how wrong it would be to act on it, neither one acknowledged it to the other. They were adults, fully capable of controlling themselves. Theirs would be a professional relationship, only.

But life can throw a curve into the best laid plans.

Family Matters (complete)
Life is busy, but good for Richie,Tori and their family. But life isn't always a bed of roses. When bad things happen, they have to pull together...and realize what 'family' really means.

Second Chances (complete)
Jon seeks forgiveness and to make amends for the sins of his past, but will Ronnie let him?

You Had Me From Hello (complete)
Possible inspiration for the song.

Birthday Blues (complete)
Jon faces another birthday filled with doubt.

Happy Birthday Baby (complete)
Richie's birthday is coming up and Tori has the perfect gift for him.
To my dear author-friends, apologies for the delay in getting these stories up.
For my dear reader-friends, hope these stories keep you warm at night!!

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