Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Toronto Night 1

Last night Bon Jovi was in Toronto, and the intrepid Norwich Liz (or @liznorwich, if you know her from Twitter) was there.  Here's her review:

While there were no surprises in the setlist, the performance couldn’t be faulted. Jon seemed pleased, if a little subdued and there were no noticeable mistakes – or technical difficulties.
The crowd sang and cheered with the favourites and were receptive to the new songs even though most had never heard them before. Amen in particular was well received, with phone lights visible throughout the arena.

One of the features is definitely the new lighting and the pillar screens. When the lights descended from the ceiling, I’ll admit I was a little concerned about what was happening and how far they were going to drop, but the effects were unique and eye catching....not to mention it gave me something to look at during Who Saysnging and how far they were going to drop, but the effects were unique ones.

But by far the highlight of the night was Richie’s performance. He was on fire! Obviously having a blast, he moved around the stage and interacted with the crowd even more than usual. He tore up the solos and his harmonies with Jon on the ballads -  particularly Amen and The Fighter  - were beautiful and  moving.

The extended ending of Keep The Faith also provided David with a chance to shine, which he took full advantage of. He and Richie played off each other in a fabulous display of their talent.

All in all, it was a good, solid performance by everyone and one of the best I’ve ever seen from Richie.

Nice job boys!

So, who's ready for Round 2?

You can see setlist, photos, videos, reviews, and more on the Because We Can Tour Blog.


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