Friday, October 19, 2012

Idiotic? You Decide

From Runaway Tours:

Dear Runaways,

We thank you for your patience.

We are happy to announce that our Richie Sambora event is CONFIRMED!!! As you have heard Richie had fallen ill. Per his doctors orders he has had to postpone his shows so not to do further damage to his vocal cords. Richie was most concerned about his most loyal fans, YOU! He insisted on not letting his fans down and has asked if he may come and spend some time with us.

Richie will NOT be performing since he will not be allowed to sing for some time in order to heal. We have been working on finding a location where we will be able to do a Q&A and Photo Op with Richie. We are so proud of him and are happy to be part of his team when he shows that it is YOU who comes first. This has turned into something very special in the way that Richie has never done such an event with his fans. He is looking forward to spending time with you, answering questions and taking photos with everyone.

The schedule of the trip ALL stays the same. Nothing else has changed. We will be refunding everyone the cost of the show ticket and we will be picking up the cost of the rental of the special location of the Q&A.

You will be given the location upon check in. Have no fear Runaway Tours is here. We hope to see you ALL in a couple days. A copy of this post will also be emailed to everyone who booked their trip with us.
Don't damage the vocal cords, but come and talk for an hour, doing a question and answer session. While you're at it, take your already compromised immune system and get up close and personal with people who have traveled from who knows where with nary a bottle of Purell in sight.

I get not wanting to disappoint people who have shelled out big bucks for the "whole experience".  I know if I were going, I'd be glad to be getting SOMETHING for my money.

But this seems idiotic to me.  Seems like a sure way to cancel Cali shows too.

~ Hath


Jennifer October 19, 2012 at 10:06 AM  

Agreed - idiotic seems like a harsh word. Whole thing seems odd- he toured for, what 4 shows? And his voice is gone? Something else at play? Seems to be a people pleaser so doesn't know how to set up boundaries. Still hoping its not some other demon at play.

Queenie October 19, 2012 at 10:47 AM  

I agree, he shouldn't be around all these people traveling from far and wide. He's only going to prolong the healing process and could even end up worse. (Let's hope THAT doesn't happen).

He should go home, not talk or sing for the doctor ordered month and hopefully those going to Cali next month will get to see him.

I will tell you that I am sorely disappointed that I won't be seeing him in NYC. *big fat frowny face*

Alice Faye October 19, 2012 at 11:09 AM  

I am saying this on here instead of adding to the outcry on facebook and Twitter. It seems that since the europe shows sold out and the US tour hasn't guess who gets the shaft. Mysterious that after a few shows he blows out his voice, the man sings for his bread and 4 shows does him in?

The people who couldn't afford the "Runaway Tour" shelled out money for hotel, airline tickets and concert tickets are only going to get their tickets for the show refunded. I know orbits some ticket outlets will allow you one year to use the ticket, but hotels are a no go.

Its in the back of my mind that I wonder if the US/Canada shows ie: NY, Philly and Toronto, had sold out would this 4 show laryngitis have happened? I see why people are upset and complaining when it's all over FB and Twit how he gave it all for the Europe shows, and here get get the shaft.

I'm happy they all got great shows but it's like rubbing salt in the wounds of the US fans that don't get a show. Richie didn't help this morning by posting on Twitter how much he loved the European shows, more salt.

Just my Honest opinion I don't think he fell off the wagon, I thinks is more $$$$ issue.

Anonymous,  October 19, 2012 at 12:22 PM  

As a music major, I'm a instrumentalist, but I am really great friends with many vocalists. They go through this stuff all the time. They can have there voice one moment and next it's gone, and classical singing is nowhere near as much strain on the vocal chords as the type of singing Richie does. Also a lot of the times with vocalists they'll go on vocal rest for a few days, no singing or barely talking, but after a couple days they'll talk. Then they might go weeks without singing to truly heal the vocal chords. In the end talking doesn't put nearly as much strain on the chords as singing does. Laryngitis is also not contagious. He had a cold that mixed with singing can easily lead to losing his voice. As this point I doubt that cold is contagious anymore. Also from watching the videos there's many times you can tell he was pushing it vocally and giving it everything and there were occasions it cracked. This does not surprise me at at all that he ended up with laryngitis. A cold mixed with lots of strain on vocal chords will lead to this. And with a couple days rest I can see him talking again but I'm sure he won't overdue it at the Q&A. I also doubt his doctors, who are probably some of the best in the world, would clear him to do a Q&A if they thought he couldn't.

Rike October 19, 2012 at 12:44 PM  

I don't think, he cancelled the US shows because of the ticketsale.

1. Richie is not used to sing full 2 and a half hour shows.
2. there weren't only the 5 shows here, he did a lot of radio promo, the free show in Philly and a lot of rehearsing.
3. when he arrived here in Europe, we had lausy cold and rainy weather
4. when I met him in London and requested some songs, he said he can't do that because of voice problems. and I heard that from other fans who met him earlier.
5. and it catched my eyes, that he came closer to the microphone from show to show - that's an indication, that he couldn't sing that strong anymore.

he maybe should have cancel the tour earlier, but it speaks a lot in his favor, that he didn't do it.
But when you have seen him enjoying every second on stage, that you can understand, that he don't stop the tour here.

I really feel sad for you all in USA/Canada and I so hope, he will do the shows in January.
I'm coming over for the trip and on the on hand I'm happy, that he will come for an Q&A, but on the other hand I'm afraid that this will do more damage to his voice. he isn't 20 anymore and also his lifestyle the last years wasn't "voice-friendly". and also that permanent traveling from west to east coast for writing the album with Jon wasn't helpful for his voice.

LadySambora October 19, 2012 at 3:08 PM  

I am in complete agreement with Rike. Richie is really not used to doing 2-1/2 hour shows as being a lead singer, after 14 years of a break. He's been doing an overload of promotions on radio stations, and in magazines. The man hasn't quit talking for more than 8 hours to sleep, it seems. He's been working overtime to try and get this album out.

I also know that Richie wouldn't cancel shows unless it was serious. We don't want him to wake up one day not being able to sing, or even talk. That would just be sad, and if he didn't cancel those shows, it can get that serious due to his age.

According to a medical dictionary, the severity of laryngitis can be worse with age, and factors as a singing career, can possibly double the severity.

Don't beat the man while he's down, but realize he is truly bummed out, and he really hates canceling shows. You can guarantee he's trying to find a way to make it up to everyone when he gets better.

He did have a cold when he got to Amsterdam. Three fans said that. Due to his traveling, it got worse, but know deep inside, he hates having to cancel the shows, and he will make it up to you guys either way.

totallysambora October 19, 2012 at 3:29 PM  

I feel so sad for the US fans but please don't think that he cancelled because the shows were not sold out. He has clearly enjoyed every single minute on stage and I cannot imagine for a single second that he would give that up. He had a cold when he reached Amsterdam and as a consequence he missed some notes in some songs at both Berlin and London.

I totally agree about the Runaway Tours thing though. He has been told to rest his voice and total voice rest means TOTAL. No talking or singing whatsoever. As someone who regularly suffers from laryngitis and uses their voice for their job, I can tell you that total voice rest is the only remedy and sometimes it can take weeks. This last time has taken months to heal completely and then I went to two Richie shows and I'm in trouble as the voice is hardly there. I can only imagine what damage Richie has done and wish him all the best to get better soon, but he should not feel under pressure to do the meet and greet. We only get one voice, if he damages it permanently then he won't be able to do what he loves so much.

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