Monday, December 19, 2011

Bon Jovi World Tour App

Found on the Android Market

Jon Bon Jovi and select members of the crew narrate this exclusive audio tour of Bon Jovi's sold-out world tour, 144 dates that began in Hawaii and ended in Portugal. Swipe through a special collection of Jon's favorite photographs from the road and listen to a customizable Bon Jovi music player. How to use the app:

Swipe through the carousel to browse photographs by acclaimed “action photographer” David Bergman.

Tap on a photo to view it in full-screen.

From the full-screen view, tap the icons to open:

- Audio Commentary: Hear audio from Jon Bon Jovi and photographer David Bergman

- Music Player: A customizable player that invites you to purchase the Greatest Hits or soundtrack your app experience with your own Bon Jovi songs from your iTunes library

- Facts and Figures: Read more about the tour and what it took to capture these incredible moments

From the front row to backstage, you have never seen Bon Jovi this close.

$3.99 USD

Now, except for the commentary, which sounds like it could be cool, I could create the same thing with Adobe PDF Maker for free. Also, the developer's website is not active, just says "Bon Jovi Support Coming Soon", so purchase at your own risk!

~ Hath


Anonymous,  December 19, 2011 at 12:17 PM  

it's so freaking huge it won't download to my phone!

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