Friday, October 15, 2010

New Short

I know you haven't had much from me for a while on the writing front -- this last couple weeks, I was working on a writing challenge for one of my favorite 'net places, T's Place (featured prominently in my playground down below).  The challenge this time was to write a series of journal entries for any of the guys for any reason, but some basic criteria had to be met.  I won't get into all that, because it doesn't really matter what they are, but it felt good to get something out.

The short is called "The Journal and Dr. Santa", and can be found here.

It takes place between the 6th chapter of the "original ending" of Online, and the Epilogue.  If you've read the original ending, rest assured, this is NOT in the same vein.  Promise.  I had some friends read it, and nary a tear was shed.

Hope you enjoy it!

Meanwhile, I'm getting the guest beds made, shoving some of the clutter into closets, and making sure we have a fresh supply of AA batteries...

...for the Wii controllers, you perverts.  Some of my girls are coming to visit.  Willow, Catte, and TaraLeigh will arrive at various times tomorrow, and we will be enjoying ourselves a wicked lot at the Patriots/Ravens game on Sunday.


~ Hath


Alice Faye October 16, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

link takes you one place then you link over to T's place, which I belong to but then I am lost. where do you find the installment and if you can't remember the password then your sunk. Or is it the last date you have in your list of posting? Okay It's saturday and I'm off for a change and mind is dull. HELP!

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