Friday, July 17, 2009

The Music Man -- David Bryan

~ By Tobi Drucker Tesoriero source

There is a fantastic article, and interview, with pictures, at the link above. I've excerpted some of it, just a couple of highlights...

DB: I play everything I get my hands on. I play piano; I studied trumpet in school; I played violin for a little bit; I played bass violin ’til my mother said it was too big (laughs), because I could read the bass clef. They said they needed someone and I said, 'I can do it!' I also took guitar lessons. I surprise people by being able to play the guitar.

DB: For some reason I just know when it’s right. It usually takes a little bit of wrong to get to right. I tape it. I have a gazillion tapes in my life. Digital is great. I use my I-phone. I have a little keyboard on my phone. I think of a melody and write a little thing and e-mail it to myself.

DB: I am engaged to Lexi Quaas. We’re getting married next summer at a friend’s house right here in Colts Neck. [As for Bon Jovi] We plan to put out a new record in the fourth quarter and tour next year. I have files and I’m putting stuff together now in my studio. I have another musical that Joe and I are halfway through; in between touring I will work on it. I figure [that] if it takes 8 years to get a show to Broadway and I am already 47 years old, I have about four more shows and then I am done! I want to do more work. Chasing the Song is about songwriters… after the ’50’s but before the Beatles came in. I like that…creating, making something out of nothing.

Great article. What a fun interview this must have been.

So, getting married, a tour next year (almost official now, yeah?) another musical...our D's gonna be a busy bee!

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials, David! We wish you and Lexi all the best.

~ Hath


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