Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jon's speech at the Can-Do Awards Dinner

Thanks, Rike, for letting me know this was up. It's a partial video of the speech that Jon gave on the 21st when he accepted the Can-Do Award. I had some time this morning, so I transcribed what was here. If anyone has the "full" video (this one fades in a couple places -- you'll see -- and it isn't the full speech) I would love to hear it.

Jon may be accused of being a lot of things, but nobody can accuse him of not caring. Take his words to heart, especially in this economy where people are so down-hearted, depressed, and despondent.

Believe in the Power of We.

~ Hath

First, I'd like to thank Sonny and Cher for reuniting tonight.

You could tell that Ken cannot handle his wine; I can.

Those waves were two feet high -- I was fine.


Thank you, thank you Kenneth and Maria for being such good friends, your kind introduction and your, your incredible work; be it at AMFAR or in the homeless issue with HELP USA. I'm grateful for the education and for your friendship.
And I want to give very special thanks to Mario and his wife Suzie for enlightening me, taking me through the Bronx and into Harlem. But I'd like to thank Dr. Lucy Cabrera and Julie Panabianco and everybody at the Food Bank of New York City for their hard work and for this honor.

But the truth be told, when I was asked by Mario, I was reluctant to accept this award. I feel guilty being praised for doing what brings me so much personal satisfaction. But then when I heard that 300,000 meals are being served every day across the 5 boroughs, I shook my head and at first I thought “well, this has to be a typo.”

So I called, and I asked, and I was humbled.

After going to the Bronx and seeing the food bank and its massive operation then heading to the community kitchen of Harlem where people would line up along a city block for a meal, I thought to myself how could I not lend a hand? And how could I not be part of this? This was New York City. In America. In 2009. This is unacceptable. This is, this is just unacceptable.

* fades here, there may have been more of the speech, but not on this yt*

Traditionally hardworking blue collar, even white collar families are having a hard time making ends meet. And at times like these, the problems seem overwhelming because still many people out here and outside of here want to help; sometimes they just don’t know how or who to help. And it can be hard to imagine one person can really make a difference in the face of such challenges, but here's just one statistic that blew me away: 15000 hours annually, are volunteer hours, at the food bank alone. That's just one example of people making a real difference.

The number of volunteers across America is growing. And in trying times, I believe that Americans have been there for each other. It's what I've often referred to as 'The Power of We'. There are those that say that maybe I have a romantic view of the world, and maybe I do, but I truly believe that people want to do good, and they want to help others. Perhaps there is just a little silver lining in these troubled times, and it's the motivation to see beyond ourselves, and the opportunity to look beyond our differences and truly make a difference, 'cause I believe that we are truly each other's keepers.

* fades here, there may have been more of the speech, but not on this yt*


Queenie April 28, 2009 at 8:09 AM  

Thanks for posting this Hath. I too had wanted to hear his speech. Is it any wonder why we love him for more than his music?

Big Apple Jovi Girl April 28, 2009 at 11:35 AM  

Yep, Queenie ... you hit it on the head. I was just writing and thinking about that yesterday, actually.

THIS is the Jon I wish all those nay-sayers would get to know. But unfortunately, people have their pre-conceived notions about others and often can't seem to look beyond that.

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