Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beauty and The Beast

If you can tear your eyes away from the gorgeous picture, there's an article from November 3rd's Mirror that goes along with it :)

'Not even Frank Sinatra did that': Thrilled Jon Bon Jovi on riding with Barack Obama in his plane and Cadillac

Talking with an infectious and childlike excitement, Jon Bon Jovi’s eyes light up as he tells me about a car ride.

You wouldn't expect much to impress one of the world’s greatest rockers who has sold more than 125 million albums. Certainly not hitching a lift.

But this was no ordinary motor. It was the Beast, Barack Obama’s armour-plated Cadillac.

Jon chalked up a unique double this year. Firstly, the out and proud Democrat was a guest on Air Force One, the President’s jumbo.

Protocol went out of the window when the White House gave the rock star a ticket to fly with the Commander in Chief from Washington to New York for a campaign fundraiser.

Thrilled Jon was savouring that honour when it was topped by an unheard of invitation to travel in Mr Obama’s bombproof limo in the White House motorcade back to the airport.

“I go to the Waldorf [Hotel] and sing and I go to the van with the staffers and the girl comes running up and says, ‘They want you in the Beast’,” recalls Jon, reliving the joy of his journey.

“So I say ‘cool’ and I’m in the Beast with President Clinton and President Obama. Air Force One is cool but the Beast is cooler. Sinatra’s not done that.

“I wanted so badly to get my phone and take a picture. I wanted to press my face against the window as we went through Times Square so everyone could see me.”
There's more to the article, and more pictures, on the Mirror's site.

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