Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tee time with Tico Torres

Fast approaching thirty years as ‘The Hit Man’ for one of the world’s greatest rock bands, drummer Tico Torres continues to travel the globe as a major player with the multi-award winning Bon Jovi. Notching up almost three decades of hits, with record sales currently at a staggering 100 million plus and continuing to rise, not to mention having performed to over 34 million’s just all in a days work for the New York born musician!

So, what does this internationally renowned rock star do when not in the recording studio or touring the world?

Tico Torres doesn’t miss a beat. He’s an accomplished artist and sculptor, with an infant clothing range Rock Star Baby and founder of his own charity the Tico Torres Children Foundation. But there’s still time for a thrice-a-week golf habit – essential rock ‘n’ roll relaxation.

Tico, what’s your first golfing memory?
The first time I ever played golf was with Willie Nelson [American country music singer/songwriter] at Pedernales Golf Club, Texas on his 9- hole course. It’s also known as the Willie Nelson Cut–N-Putt and as the great man says, it’s located just “8 songs away from Austin”. I played with a 7 iron and putter and remember it well.

Who taught you to play golf?
Willie actually taught me to play. It all started back in 1989, I was at his house and he asked if I’d ever played golf, I hadn’t so he took me out there and said, “Just look at the ball and hit it!” So I did. After all, the man is an “icon”.

Favourite professional golfer past or present?
Gary Player – The Black Knight. He’s always played with such determination and has real integrity.
You can read the whole interview here.

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